Monday, January 12, 2009

Do You Really Know?

I swerved all over my lane, right then left and back again. Made me feel better to see the drivers in my rear view mirror doing the same thing. We probably looked inebriated. Well, unless you saw the roads.

The recent snow and ice in our region has left the roads in terrible shape in places. Potholes pock the streets and the usual uneventful drive is now a staccato rhythm of jarring thumps, unless you swerve.

The scenario reminded me not to judge what's happening in someone else's life, especially since I can't possibly know the details. First off, it's rather prideful to assume the role of judge -- as if I have my act together. Secondly, it's foolish. How can I know everything that's going on? Us drivers were avoiding damaging holes; we weren't "under the influence." But to onlookers... one could jump to conclusions.

Be careful about making assumptions.

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