Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jesus is Welcome Here

She's at it again. :-) My toddler said something like "Jesus is here with us" this morning over breakfast. She's delightfully spiritual in the morning. There I am focused on what to serve, or bringing drinks to the table, and she's being insightful and sweet.

"Yes," I answered. "Jesus is welcome here."

Is Jesus welcome where you are?

During your devotionals, with that list of things to read or the clock ticking away those precious moments alone with God, is your focus on checking something off your checklist, or could you say, "Jesus is welcome here"?

After your devotional time and you dive into your day, whether off to work or onto the next chore, do you leave Jesus behind with sweet thoughts, or do you "take Him with you?" During your day, could you say, "Jesus is welcome here"?

At work, even when you can't play Christian music or speak of Jesus openly, in your thoughts, can you say "Jesus is welcome here"?

When you're watching television, a movie, or surfing the net, can you say, "Jesus is welcome here"?

I'm working on not compartmentalizing. I don't do it because I want to hide some heinous, sinful lifestyle.... In fact, I'm still trying to nail down why I have to remind myself that Jesus is welcome here, every moment.

No matter what time it is, or where you are, can you say, "Jesus is welcome here"?

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Mr. Someone said...

I really really wish that I could say that more often. i feel sometimes that theres parts of my life where I avert my gaze from Jesus. I feel sometimes that I live a few different lives. I believe that over time God will help me to find ways to meet them together.
I think wth me there are some darker parts of my life that I try and hide from Jesus - which is the most ridiculous thing ever, He knows every part of me.

Thats sort of how I see sin. As all that darkness and confusion in us that we see but don't give up.

I really liked your post.
Its re-inpired me to try and welcome Jesus into more parts or my life