Friday, January 2, 2009

Jesus is Real in Our House

"Jesus is real in our house," my toddler announced this morning during breakfast. We were waiting for her oatmeal to cool and out of the blue, she shared her thoughts. I love that about little children. Things just come out at random.

So we talked about how Jesus is real, right there with us. A "portrait" of Jesus holding a little girl hangs on her bedroom wall. We've had lots of conversations about how Jesus is with her, guarding her while she sleeps and protecting our family. That's comforting truth when things are calm, but especially when the wind storms come or ice and snow threaten our safety.

It occurred to me last night that if we can nurture intimacy with God before trials arise in our lives, we can face them with deeper assurance. God is with His people either way, but if we have recently fellowshipped with Him, we'll have a deeper sense of peace and assurance. That's what I want for me and for our family. That's what I want for my toddler. For her to know for herself that

Jesus is real in our house.

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Dawn said...

Ohhhh . . . her comment must have made either your eyes tear up - or your heart burst with joy. Both??? That is tooo precious.