Tuesday, May 5, 2009

His Favorite One

We're studying being the Bride of Christ at our church using Shannon Ethridge's book "Completely His." It's so good. Last week in my cell group I told the ladies, "you're His favorite one; we're each His favorite one."

This is how I know: If you come to the Lord in prayer at any time day or night, He never says, "Just a minute. I'll be with you soon. I'm busy listening to someone else."

Our magnificent God is capable of hearing everyone at once. If somehow every single human on earth suddenly decided to pray, God would hear each of them and respond as if that person were the only one in His line of sight. In fact, God hears every person's words and thoughts at all times, praying or not. He is the God who sees--keeping everyone in sight at once. He is amazing.

And He is personal.

Do you feel like His favorite? Next time you go to pray, consider this truth: you are His favorite one. This truth excludes no one, so you're not pushing anyone else aside to be where He longs for you to be--right in the center of His affectionate attention. This truth isn't one of pride--it's ordained by God, so you don't have to worry about ugly pride. God calls you beloved. You are His favorite one. See if that truth will affect the way you pray.

Let that truth affect the way you live.

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