Monday, May 25, 2009


I love weddings. Over the weekend we attended a friend's wedding. They quoted from the Song of Songs in their program:

I am my beloved’s, And my beloved is mine. (Song of Solomon 6:3a)

Watching others get married reminds my husband and me of our wedding 18 years ago. A fantastic way of reliving memories and sentiments of our lives together. But I'm also reminded of our future as believers.

The Song of Songs was written by Solomon, but inspired by the Holy Spirit. It has literal meaning, absolutely. A celebration of pure intimacy between a woman and her husband. But it also points to the future of all believers in Christ. We are the bride of Christ, destined to reign with Him as His wife.

It's our identity, but what does it mean to be the bride of Christ?

~ We are beautiful to the Creator.

~ We are cherished.

~ We are His beloved. He sacrificed His life so we could be free. At the wedding, as at other weddings, I was filled with joy because there's a huge wedding in our future to the Bridegroom of the ages.

~ God has awesome plans for us, both here and in eternity. Partnering with Him.

~ Whosoever will may come. There's an invitation. If you have accepted Jesus as your Savior, receiving His gift of salvation, you're in. You are the bride. You are welcome at the wedding feast. Not only welcome, but very honored as the bride.

Marriage is a God-given example of relationship with Him. We witness the power of pure, loving commitment over time. We exalt in relationship and security. We learn how to sacrifice for each other. We learn better communication and how to face unpleasant situations for the sake of relationship. It's a successful tool of refinement for our character. But it's also a platform for amazing expression of love, joy and hope. Of acceptance and celebration.

I'm very thankful for marriage and for weddings---a beautiful picture of love.

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