Friday, May 29, 2009

Life Boats

Almost 100 years ago....

The last life boat's been launched.
The last warning given.
Hundreds of "life belts" have been dispersed.

No ship comes to offer rescue for
1800 drowning people in time
to spare their lives.

Half-full life boats drift.
Hearers of agonizing screams.
Husbands, fathers, women, children unsaved.

Would I have turned a deaf ear?
covered my heart with thick callous and willed
the night to end?

Am I doing that now?

I will reach out a hand.
Come. Come into the boat.

Come, find your salvation
like me. Safe
in the hands of
the finest Captain-
Jesus, Messiah.

And, if you know Him, Come. Join us. Rescue those
who recognize the ship is going down.
Every soul -- the same need

There is no hope,
except in Jesus.

Reach for Him with us.

Come. Get into the boat.

Come, rowers. Reach with me for those
flailing in the sea.

Those who recognize the need.

Come. Let us rescue souls.

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