Friday, September 11, 2009

Daddy's Arms

The other day, I was chasing my preschooler through our living room and she ran straight to Daddy on the sofa. (Smart girl!) She scrambled up into his arms and squealed, looking behind her to see if the "threat" (me) was still coming. I was. She squirmed and finally broke loose from Dad's arms, scampering farther away on the sofa. I giggled and stopped playing the chase game, saying "Why did you climb out of Daddy's arms. He's the safest place you could be."

Why do I climb out of Daddy's arms?

Sometimes I think I can handle things better on my own. I certainly prefer my own timing. But God's timing is perfect for everyone involved. Be at rest, oh my soul. Climb up into Daddy's arms and rest.

A windstorm chases me toward God in prayer. I find a moment's peace, but then the huge trees in our yard rock in a powerful gust and I scamper away, embrace fear and stew. Then, I realize what I've done and scurry back toward God in prayer.

I want to stay in His arms, where I'm safe and can experience His peace. There's nothing for me anywhere else.

I'm secure in my Daddy's arms.

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Dawn Kinzer said...

Wonderful post, Annette!

Boy, isn't that the truth? We fight to do things on our own, when we'd be so much better off- so much safer-just resting in our Father's embrace.