Monday, September 28, 2009

Turn it Up!

This morning as I listened to a favorite worship song ("I am in Love with You" by Darrell Evans from "Freedom"), I reached over and turned up the volume. There's a portion of the song I have to hear louder. I love it! Can't get enough of it. Turn it up!

I wondered if God feels like that.

There you are singing to him, worshiping, offering your heart and God calls out--"Hey! Turn that up." He's asking the angels to quiet down. He's asking all of heaven to come to a hush because you are singing to Him, and He doesn't want to miss a moment of it.

And when you come with a concern, a problem, a worry, I wonder if He hushes everything to listen. "Hey everyone, quiet down. I need to hear this child's plea."

Music takes me places as I listen. The louder the better. The more I feel it (emotionally and sometimes physically), the more deeply I experience it.

You don’t have to shout at God for Him to hear you, of course. He can hear at any volume. But this season of change has driven a lot of us to our knees before Him. Can you feel it?

Prayer is more sincere. Worship is intensifying. We cry out to Him from deeper places in our hearts. No more pretense. No more futile attempts at hiding. It’s out there, a stark display of honesty.

Worship leads to breakthroughs because 1) God changes us as we worship; 2) worship creates an atmosphere where God dwells and the enemy of our souls flees; 3) worship changes our perspective and magnifies our great God.

Waiting on a breakthrough? Worship. Need encouragement? Play the worship music, sing along, get lost in His presence.

Turn it up!

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