Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Fragrance Remains

I walked into my home office today, and a delightful fragrance lingered.

A couple of nights ago, I holed up in here and spent some time with the Lord, worshiping, praying. As He led me, I lit candles, one by one. The fragrance and the heat were soothing and a pleasure. That was two nights ago. But the fragrance remains.

Is that what Jesus experienced before and during His crucifixion? Mary anointed Him with spikenard days before He died. The fragrance filled the room, covered her hair and her Savior. Rich oil like this doesn’t wash away (not that Jesus would have wanted to). He told the other people in the room she had anointed Him for His burial. She had covered Him with her sacrifice of love. When He went to the cross, the oil’s scent remained. The memory of her sacrifice, of her devotion probably encouraged Jesus through His most painful hours.

I liked the reminder today of our time together the other evening. Is that what it’s like for our King? Do our prayers linger with Him over time and bless Him whenever He’s reminded? I believe they do. Such a beautiful truth.

Let your prayers rise to Him like fragrance and know that He cherishes your words, your attention, your affection. And when tough times come, remember God recalls your prayers like a potent and pleasurable fragrance.


Audra Harders said...

How insightful and encouraging. Thank you, Annette for your heartfelt thoughts.

I just discovered your Seriously Write blog by following Ruth Logan Herne's link in Seekerville. Sorry I missed the day she posted!!

I'm enchanted by the entire package this blog offers -- devotions, writers' tips, encouragement -- everything to make me keep coming back for more.

I wish you much success!!

Annette M. Irby said...

Thank you, Audra! Glad you found the blogs.

I'll share your kind words with Dawn, too!

All His best,

Diane said...

Annette, I'm new to your blog. I feel very at home here. I never thought about how the fragrance of Mary's oil must have lingered with Him as He faced the Cross. It hit deep in my soul. Thank you!

Annette M. Irby said...

Hi Diane,

Thanks so much for your kind words. I appreciate your heart!

Thanks for reading!!

All His best in your life.