Friday, February 19, 2010

My Companion

Are you a friend of God? You can be.

I’m in the midst of an in-depth study of the Song of Solomon as it relates to Jesus our Bridegroom God. This morning I ran across Zechariah 13:7 where God calls Jesus “The Man who is My Companion.”

Oh that phrase rang through my spirit. So tender. So open. So real.

Reading “Abigail” by Jill Eileen Smith lately (see Net’s Book Notes Monday for my review) has me thinking about husbands who have many wives (like King David). I told my husband last night that I’m so glad I don’t have to share his time or heart. Then as I prayed myself to sleep, I thought of how believers are the bride of Christ. Now that’s not polygamy! Here’s the thing: believers will have so much unity, so much common purpose, calling and focus, we will all be one in Christ. And Jesus is God; He is everywhere present. So, He can attend us each separately at the same time.

Years ago, I asked a pastor this question: “So when we get to heaven will we have to share Jesus?” I’m used to my prayer times now where it’s just Him and me. Two of us. Intimate. Quiet. Personal. The idea of giving that up in heaven gave me a heartache. He explained he felt God would continue to meet with us corporately (like church settings today) and individually. We will not regret going to heaven to be with the Bridegroom for lack of closeness and personal time!

For now, deep in the throes of lovesickness for Him, I will whisper a quiet word, sing a new song, delight in Him, listen for Him, commune with Him.

He is my Companion.

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