Monday, February 8, 2010

Why Not?

Ever sit at church and feel as if the sermon was directed specifically at you? That's exactly how I felt yesterday as Pastor Michael shared his message about the "now moment" we're living in. He preached on having faith in tough seasons. The main thrust of his message was that mindsets can keep us from breakthroughs, even our destiny.

Then, this morning, as I was reading "Never Say Never," by Lisa Wingate (Christian fiction), she writes about a character dreaming for things far out of reach because she knows 1) she doesn't have to risk being disappointed because they’re so unattainable and 2) she doesn't really believe it'll happen anyway.

Yikes. Doesn't really believe it'll happen anyway??

I'm a dreamer. And a writer. (The two seem to go hand in hand in writerly circles.)

And after yesterday's message, I'm challenged to aim beyond the sky to the stars. I'm challenged to change my mindsets. I have big dreams, and I want to see them come true, now more than ever. But I had to ask myself about the mindsets behind those dreams.

One of Pastor Michael's instructions was instead of asking "Why," ask "Why not?" His point: asking "why me" is complaining, focusing on the negatives. Asking "why not me" is optimistic. God's goodness is for everyone. He wants to bless every one of His children. And He will keep His promises. We look at someone else and say “Oh, that’s just her way. She’s always joyful.” Well, why can’t that joyful person be you? or me? The same is true for other aspects while walking with God.

So, as I dream today, I'm asking "Why not me?" I will not disqualify myself based on my past, any fear of failure or fear of disappointment. By the grace of God, my mindsets will change to better match up with God’s plans, estimations, desires as He reveals them to me.

And I will dream beyond the stars, daring to hope.

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