Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Being Held

I just spent a little extra time putting my baby down for bed.

I’m so thankful that most of the time, she goes down very easily. And tonight was no exception. But shortly after I left her room, she started coughing. I decided to set up the humidifier to moisten the air in her room. When I went in, she woke up. So, I scooped her up and snuggled her for a while.

My toddler draped herself on my shoulder. I settled us in the rocking chair and sang over her. She was like a rag doll, so floppy and cuddly. Adorable. I rocked her for a while, reminiscing over the length of her life, recalling those early months of lots of rocking and singing and soothing.

You know, sickness can make us like that—more willing to just let God hold us for a while. So often, I’m so involved with my list that I don’t listen.

So, tonight, I listened.

God reminded me of the times I spend just holding my daughter—times when she is drowsy and will just rest her head on my shoulder and trust in my love.

I’ve been doing that a lot more lately, since I’ve been battling a bug. Everything slows down and, forced to take it easy, I simply turn to God for comfort. And He always comes through.

Nothing frustrates me more than when I’m ready to cuddle my daughter but she can’t be still in my arms. She’s busily pointing out everything around us, labeling and asking for things and basically taking me for granted.

Uh-oh, that sounds familiar.

I hope I can find that place again in my life with Jesus where I just come and surrender to being held. Just resting and listening because I know He wants to let me hear Him sing over me.

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Dawn said...

Wonderful post with great insight. My daughters are all adults now, but I still remember those days of cuddling them in a rocker. And boy do I relate to being so busy that I forget to just rest in God's arms. Thanks for the reminder.
Dawn Kinzer