Friday, March 9, 2007


I had a mysterious phone call tonight. Well, not mysterious exactly, just confusing.

The number that came up on the screen wasn’t one I recognized and it was local, but the voice in the message (I was eating and didn’t answer) was a dear friend’s who had moved across the country about a year ago.

I called the number back and asked for my friend. That’s when the person at the local number explained they had done a three-way call.

Okay…mystery solved.

So, my local helper dialed my friend and ta-da! We were connected again.

I stayed quiet in the background while the two chatted for a moment. Local Gal said, “Hey, guess who I have on the phone?”

You have to understand, the only communication we’ve had has been in writing for months. Just hearing her voice was blessing me more than I could have imagined it would.

She says, “Who?”

That’s when I jump in. I’m smiling ear-to-ear. “Hey there, sister-friend.”

“Oh, Annette! Hi!!” she sings into the phone. A perfect moment of reuniting friends.

We’ve always had a connection.

That same sort of connection can pop up when first meeting someone, too.

This afternoon, I reached out to an author whose book I was finishing and we shared a special exchange of emails, ending with each of us wanting to meet the other person. We could talk about the Lord, our families or our writing. We had lots in common already. What a gift—our friendly exchange.

I’m feeling blessed tonight by friends, near and far, long-time and potentially new. I know friendship—fellowship—is a gift from the Lord and I’m very grateful.

Why not give a friend a call this weekend? Tell her how much her friendship means to you. And don’t forget to tell God thanks, too. Friendship was His idea.

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