Friday, March 16, 2007

Great Fiction

I reached for the tissues this morning to mop up tears and said “this is soooo good.” I know, incongruous, huh?

I was crying over Christian fiction.

The story was so well-written. This author had once again drawn me in and caused me to feel the emotions of her characters. Author and teacher Randy Ingermanson calls this the “powerful emotional experience” that we writers strive for. That’s the satisfaction for the reader. As a reader, I’d have to agree. Yum!

I love this field. I love reading it, writing it, brainstorming it and watching it (there are more and more movies being made from inspirational novels and novellas).

Being a writer and a member of the ACFW, I’ve been blessed to meet some pretty spectacular writers, if only through email. I’ve responded to their novels with comments and soon heard back from them in writing. At conferences, I’ve sat in on their workshops, sponging up whatever tidbits they’d learned along the way that could apply to my path. A lot of the Christian writers I’ve interacted with would tell you they see their writing as a ministry. That’s their approach. So, they make themselves available.

As a way of introducing you to some writers you may not be aware of, I will be featuring a few authors on this blog. So far, I’ve scheduled: DiAnn Mills later in March, Julie Carobini will be up soon as will Anita Higman and Janice Thompson for their collaborative latest release. I’m grateful for their willingness to share their stories with us, both as authors and as blog guests.

Keep checking back for news and articles/interviews with some great writers. We’re in for a treat.

If you get a chance this weekend, why not pick up a good book and relax? Enjoy.

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