Tuesday, March 6, 2007

New and Refreshing

Hi everyone, welcome to my new blog! This will offer a place to share ideas with you and hear from you as you read. Please feel free to leave comments.

It feels like spring! The weather today is amazing--upper-60s here in the Northwest. Makes me feel like throwing open the windows.... I'll be right back. :0) Ahh, that's better.

This time of year makes me focus my devotional time on Jesus' death and resurrection. I read the Word of God, but I also get into devotional books that will cause me to see something I haven't seen before.

Here are a couple of things that God has reminded me of this season:

He responds to the hungry. He can't help himself. He's like a parent who knows His child is hungry and will do everything He can to answer the cry. I love this about Him. He's attracted to my hunger for Him. That means all I gotta bring to Him is my need. He'll fill me up.

He longs for us. I love this one. Easter is about this--He wanted you so badly as part of His family that He'd rather die for you than let you go without His love. Amazing. Grace.

He waits for us. God is a Gentleman. He doesn't force Himself on us. But He woos us. Like today, while I sat in the warm sun and deadheaded a potted plant. His love wooed me. I knew He was right there with me. And we struck up a two-way conversation.

He is the God of the new. God doesn't do things "again." He doesn't take us back. He takes us forward. God is the God of the new. He makes things and people new. He restores, refreshes, revives. He causes us to be reborn when we say yes to Him. I'm so thankful He's at work doing something new in my life.

Happy early spring, dear reader. May the Lord bless you with something new.

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