Monday, May 7, 2007

Lilacs and Birthdays

God celebrates birthdays! Not His own, because He has no beginning and no end. But yours!
He knows one of my favorite flowers is the lilac. Every year, somehow, He gives me lilacs. (They bloom around my birthday.) One year, I received permission to gather some fragrant flowers from the preschool my daughters attended. Another year, a neighbor offered some. One particular year, my birthday fell on a Sunday. As I entered our church that morning, I saw vases filled with lilacs. What a joy! After the service, I asked for some of the bundles and was blessed to take some home. Where I grew up, I recall lilacs actually waiting to bloom until my special day. God is so faithful. He knows what I like and what will bless me. I sit with my prayer journal and the beautiful flowers, my Bible and a pen and just enjoy His presence for a while.

Last week I asked permission, so this afternoon, I will go snip some blossoms from a piano teacher's yard and carry them home--my special birthday present from the Lord.

Whenever your birthday falls this year, remember He is singing over you, so glad that you were born. He delights in you.


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Annette M. Irby said...

Sure enough, there are lilacs on my counter upstairs this morning from my visit yesterday. Oooh, I love their fragrance!