Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Today is gorgeous here in the Northwest. A stellar summer-like day. There are cottonwood seeds flittering everywhere.

I remember this same thing as a child—so many fuzzy seeds wafting by like a snow flurry in summer. I used to catch the seeds in my fingers and make a wish. I also remember blowing the seeds off a dandelion and wishing, too.

Somewhere along the way, I began making prayers out of wishes. Making a wish is still fun. But now I’ve turned vocalizing my heart’s desires into prayers. I call them wish-prayers. Instead of launching a wish into space and hoping in something (really nothing) to make it happen, I began turning my wishes in to prayers, taking my requests to God. I do this at birthdays, too, and have for years.

Today as I watched the cottonwood seeds flutter by on the breeze I remembered my pattern of making wish-prayers. As a child, I’d chase down those seeds so I could grab one, wish and let it go. Today I was content to enjoy the weather without striving.

Then one landed in my lap.

Okay, Lord, I can take a hint.

I lifted up a prayer to the Lord, one thing I’d love to see this year—related to my writing. Then, since I was on a roll and sensed His favor, I lifted up other requests, too.

Wish praying is letting your heart dream, letting yourself hope for something fun or a big blessing. It’s okay. Go ahead, lift up a wish to the Lord. You never know what'll happen to it in His hands.

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Dawn said...


I loved this post and the idea of wish-prayers.

I'll never look at floating seeds the same way again. Thank you.