Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Listening to Love

My preschooler climbed up into my lap this morning. One of my favorite parts of our day is our post-breakfast snuggle. We make up songs together or talk about rhyming words. This morning as we rocked together, I felt love for her wash over me. I started to tell her about it--how much I love her and have always loved her. How she owns a piece of my heart and no matter what happens, that will always be true. How I can't help myself. How invested I am in her life, her happiness, her--

That's when my big kid grew bored. "Let's make up songs, Mommy." So I shifted gears.

But it hit me. How often do I divert when God is trying to love on me? When He is attempting to express His affections, do I steer the conversation or the activity in a new direction? Or do I let the words sink in?

I crave His love. I ask Him to reveal His affection to me. I need it.

I think it's time to get close and listen.

P.S. - the little punkin in the photo is not my daughter, but she sure is precious

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