Thursday, April 15, 2010

Golden Moments

The sun has just dropped behind the horizon as I sit here in my home writing office. Twelve minutes ago, the golden light bathed my room with a yellow glow. Sure I had to squint, but I positioned myself right in the beam of all that sunshine. Words poured into my computer as I worked in that quiet, golden moment.

Then, five minutes ago, I turned on to listen to their live “Student Awakening” service and felt the presence of God tangibly descend. I stilled the writing process and just received His refreshing. A golden moment.

Tulips are finally blooming in my yard. Yesterday, before my dog could destroy them, I snipped the stems and brought a red and a yellow bloom indoors. They sit in my west-facing window. Their petals opened in the wash of sunshine tonight, too. A splash of color after months of drab. A golden moment.

Hysterical laughter with my family. Trips to and from church where we work on vocal warm-ups, which annoy some of those riding in the car. Singing loud and proud. Lip trills! Giggling. Golden moments.

Our new pup enjoys afternoon naps. He curls up in my lap as I write, and falls asleep. Love those peaceful moments. He’s not getting into anything, barking at the slightest noise, digging around in the backyard, scrounging for crumbs under the kitchen stove. He’s still, warm, sweet. Golden moments.

They don’t happen all the time. If they did, we wouldn’t appreciate them. It’s the wisdom of God. But I want to recognize every golden moment, whether with my beautiful family, or with God, or by myself basking in sunshine, and I want to be grateful. These are graces from the Lord.

Thank God for golden moments.

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