Saturday, April 10, 2010


He’s curled in my lap again. Sooooo sweet, these afternoon quiet times.

Here on my blog, and in life, I usually liken my relationship with God to my relationship with my husband (bridal understanding) or my relationship with my kids (father/parent understanding). But today, God’s showing me a few things through my care of our new dog which have me reaching for tissues.

As our mini-dachsie mix curls up in my lap, peaceful after our few short weeks together, I hear myself saying words I think God has been saying to me all along:

You’re safe.

Safe in my lap. I’ve got you.

Safe in our family. We will never disown you. (he’s been in at least three homes in his two short years)

Safe in my love. I will never despise you. In fact, I enjoy you, even as we work together to help you better assimilate into the family. (i.e. no nipping)

Safe. Loved. Cherished. Appreciated. Adopted. (we got him from the pound)

God assures me His care is protective. I can rest in His “lap.” I’m safe in His family. God will never disown me. I’ve accepted salvation and God has adopted me as His own daughter. I am in His family. For good. Amen!

I’m safe in His love, even as imperfect as I am. Oh, this unmerited love of God—so past finding out. Not only does He not despise me in my weakness, He cherishes and enjoys me in it, while I’m growing and messing up.

God cherishes, loves, protects, appreciates and celebrates me. That’s so humbling and beautiful.

I reach down and pet my sleeping dog, thanking God for the pictures He gives me in life of His love, adding layer by layer to my understanding of the knowledge of God and how much He loves me.

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