Friday, April 2, 2010

No Way Out

Have you ever re-watched a movie and worried about the ending, though you knew how it would turn out? Have you bitten your fingernails as the hero faces death, fearing he won’t find a way out? He has to go through the battle to reach the breakthrough on the other side, but you fear for him and wish there would be an easier way. That happened to me last night. Only I wasn’t watching a movie. I was reading the Bible.

I reread the arrest and crucifixion in John’s Gospel last night, knowing what was coming. Dreading the violence Jesus willingly faced. Wishing there was a way out.

Wait a minute. A way out?

Where would that have left me?

The same place I was before I accepted Jesus’ free gift of salvation: with no way out.

See if Jesus had taken an easier path, a way out, I’d be hopelessly lost. I’d still be dwelling in darkness, hopelessness, fearing rejection, making horrible choices. Living to die.

But Jesus didn’t take an easy way out. He faced the bloodthirsty soldiers who had something to prove, the mob who couldn’t control their King, the authorities who couldn’t control the mob and the haters who just wanted this change-bringer taken down.

I kept reading the Gospel account, loving Jesus more and more, battling with the gut-feeling of “find another way” versus “thank God You took the way that would save me.”

Amazing sacrifice.

Amazing obedience.

Amazing love.

Amazing God.

Thank God Jesus didn’t take a way out. Thank God for giving me a Way out—Jesus.

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