Thursday, April 22, 2010

To Bloom Again

When I bought the miniature rose plant for my home office, there were about ten blooms ready to open. A couple of them did. Then, over the next few days, the others began to die and some leaves fell off. I watered the little plant. I repotted it. I put it in the sun, and took it out of the sun. I babied it, yet the leaves continued to brown up and fall off. None of the remaining blooms survived.

Looking at the brittle leaves and stems, I nearly gave up on the thing.

But, you should see it now. No blooms, to be sure, but long green sprouts shooting out in three different places. No more dried up leaves. It’s almost as if the move from store to home was too shocking, the adjustment was too much to support the blooms. Yet the plant didn’t altogether die. Glad I didn’t toss it.

Same it true for my relationship with God. My heart has shriveled up at times due to changes and adjustments and new climes. From one season to the next I’ve faced challenges and didn’t always overcome.

Good thing God didn’t give up on me.

Our Gardener knows just the right amount of sunlight and water and fresh soil, just the right place to position us for the best growth.

I stare at the varying shades of green leaves and think—I’m glad I didn’t toss it when it looked nearly dead. And I’m glad God never gives up on me when I face a tough season with less grace than I wish I could.

My plant has learned to adapt, which is exactly what I’m doing. God knows.

And both of us, in time and with proper care, will once again bloom.


A.J. said...

Thank you for those words... I feel like the dying rose plant right now but I'm building hope that I will once again bloom! I remind myself every day that God has a plan.. (Jeremiah 29:11).. Every day I have to remember that.. You have such amazing insights! Love you sister friend!

Annette M. Irby said...

Thanks, A.J. Just this morning God reminded me of Jeremiah 29:11. That passage means more and more to me of late. Miss you, sister-friend! Big hugs.

Dawn Kinzer said...

I loved this! What a great visual of God knowing what we need and how to care for us so that we can grow and flourish.

Thanks! :-D