Monday, May 17, 2010

Go Higher Eagle, Go Higher

This afternoon a bald eagle surprised me overhead. It’s not so rare to see them down by the lake, but right here over our house? Amazing. He was pretty high up there. But, of course, a smaller bird darted around him, pestering him. What is with that? The crow or blackbird that pesters the regal one.

I think it’s a picture.

I say, “Go, higher brave eagle, go higher.” Somewhere, I read that eagles can soar higher than smaller birds (who need to both flap their wings more often and take more frequent breaks). So, if the eagle glided higher, the little bird might leave him alone.

Reminds me of our walk with Christ. If we can soar higher, get into God’s presence through worship and prayer and reading His Word, we will no longer be bothered by the same things that drag us down. Now, there are new threats, but I know this: no devil likes the presence of God.

So, go higher, dear friend. Soar higher.

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