Monday, June 8, 2009

Longing for Jesus

A couple of months ago a traveling drama troop visited our church with their play about the last days of Jesus' earthly life. We saw a fictionalized account of some of the Biblical characters--their questions about who Jesus was and how they wrestled with the evidence. One of the characters was Malchus who lost his ear to Peter's sword when the guards went to arrest Jesus. Jesus healed him, on the spot. How Malchus help but believe Jesus was Who He said He was? A great play. As I watched with my family, I kept waiting and hoping one of the actors would come out, portraying Jesus. That we'd see an exchange with "Him" in the scene. But no one did. The play ended without even a glimpse.

Afterward one of the lead characters still dressed for his role, spoke to the gathering. He said, "How many of you were longing to see Jesus while you watched the play?" So many of us raised our hands. I could feel the hunger in my soul for even a portrayed glimpse of Him.

God is a passionate Bridegroom, holding back a glimpse of Himself (we can't see His face yet) to induce us to passionate longing for Him.

It's working.

Yesterday missionaries from the mid-west who work in Cambodia came to testify of how God is moving where they minister. One of them told us of a Buddhist monk who was searching for truth. (The missionary explained that's what they spend their lives doing.) He picked up a leaf and held it up to the light. He couldn't miss the design on the leaf and began to reason within himself: "If there's a design, there must be a designer." He then began to seek out Creator God--the designer who designed himself. He had a dream of a valley between mountains. One bearing the word "Buddhism" and the other "Christianity." God spoke to Him in the dream and told him to choose which mountain, which direction he should go in order to find God.

Not having any experience with Christianity, he turned toward the mountain marked "Buddhism" and started walking. He was going to find God. But every step he took caused the mountain to recede. He was never going to find God there. He said "I'm no dummy. I eventually decided to turn toward the other mountain." He had only taken two steps when he was lifted up by God to stand on top of the mountain of Christianity.

Buddhist monks dress in orange. The missionary explained they believe orange is a holy color. But the monk described seeing God as one who had long, brown hair and a white robe. He said, "His face shone like the sun."

As the missionary explained this monk's experience, someone behind me earnestly whispered, "He saw Jesus."

A tangible yearning stirred all around me. That longing to see Jesus awakened in me.

The Buddhist monk's life changed drastically that day. He saw Jesus.

Jesus said to him, "Thomas, because you have seen Me you have believed. Blessed are they who have not seen have believed." John 20:29

Seeing is believing, but Jesus often asks us to believe without seeing. But one day... We. Shall. See. Him.

I can't wait.

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Dawn said...

Awesome post,Annette.

We're able to feel the presence of Jesus with us every day. But,how wonderful to know that someday we'll be able to look into His eyes, sit at His feet, and hear His words.