Thursday, June 11, 2009

What Do You Want?

So, this morning as I was pouring out my frustrations before God, listing my grievances about something (can't remember now even what it was), I stopped. Not because I shouldn't complain before God, but because that's what I do--list my complaints and then stop when I run out. (I know, I know. Not. Good.) Anyway, as I continued to collect laundry (multi-tasking, you see) I heard Him say, "Ask for what you want."

And Jesus stood and commanded him to be brought to Him.
And when he had come near,
He asked him, saying, What do you desire
that I should do to you?
(Luke 18:40-41a)

Do you ever list your prayer requests, but then not take the time to specifically name what you'd like to see happen, how you'd like the problem to be resolved? Granted, we don't always know the best course of action. Sometimes the wisest prayer is "God, please help." But I got the feeling this morning that God would inspire the answer. I just needed to voice what I wanted, which, as He inspired my prayer, would be praying His will.

God is glorified in answering specific prayers.

Yesterday morning, my preschooler couldn't find a certain toy. She has a collection of play foods--plastic toys. She had her peas, pineapple, chicken and a plate (I think), but wanted the block of pretend chocolate. So, I called her to stand close to me. Then, I told her to pray to Jesus, who knows where everything is, and then go search. "Pray He'll take you right to where it is and that you'll find it." She said, "Would you do it?" So, together we prayed. Then, she happily went off to search some more while I asked God to show up and manifest Himself by directing her search. Guess what? Moments later, I hear: Oh, great! I found it. (In one of her toy crates, inside a canvas bag I haven't seen in quite a while.)

God had answered our specific prayer. So, I called her close again, and we thanked God with overflowing joy. I love when God gets personal. How gracious He is to listen.

Since hearing that Sharon Hinck starts her day praying through a Psalm, I've been keeping a journal. Today's focus was Psalm 18 (again). Read it! It's a fantastic portrayal of God coming to the rescue of His beloved. Love how passionate He is. Love how He hears our prayers and answers.

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