Sunday, August 2, 2009

Come and See

Sight is a wonderful gift.

Through our eyes we can be fascinated, convinced, delighted. With our sight we trace the seascape of some archipelago or the graceful lines of a baby girl's face.

Sometimes we spend a lifetime longing to see something we never get to see. Like Yellowstone. Or 25% interest on our savings account.

In John, chapter one, John the Baptist's disciples wanted to better understand the Newcomer, the One the Baptist called "the Lamb of God." They wanted to get to know Him, to see what He was like, to study Him. They didn't know how to communicate their hearts' longing, but Jesus knew it was there. He called it out: "What do you seek?"

They couldn't put it into words, so they just asked, "Rabbi, where do you live?"

Jesus' answer: "Come and see."

God created humans to be fascinated. Music fascinates us as we listen. A sunset on the Pacific fascinates us as we watch. A baby's giggle captures our hearts.

Jesus knew that John's disciples were looking to be fascinated. (excuse the pun) He knew that if they spent time with Him, which they longed to do, they'd be drawn to the Father. And the Father Himself would fascinate them. And that fascination would lead to dedication. And dedication would birth affection.

And love was His goal. So He said, "Come and see."

There's an invitation I want to respond to. If you read John chapter 1, you'll see promises from Jesus about what the disciples would "see."

Our natural eyes cannot see Him right now, but we can experience Him. We can gaze with our hearts in loving adoration, through the words of Scripture.

Take this passage, for example. What does it mean about Jesus' heart that He knew they longed for fascination, and He promised to meet them in that place--to fascinate them?

God has a beautiful heart.

Don't believe me?

Come and see!

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