Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sunday Roses

Do you ever try to talk God out of a blessing?

Saturday evenings I always lay out my clothes and accessories for Sunday morning. Because our family has to be at church by 8 a.m., it saves time in the morning, when I’m usually focused on getting everyone ready on time.

For some reason, I felt I should wear a bracelet I’ve had for about two years—one of roses in silver.

During a break between worship team practice and prayer service, I took my daughters to the drug store for miscellaneous camp supplies. While there, I noticed potted roses on sale.

Immediately the Lord spoke to me to get one. Has He seen our checkbook balance lately?? :-)

In the checkout lane, I debated the blessing. (!) God finally said “You can save money if you want to.” And we paid for the items in the cart and left.

But sitting in the car outside, facing the roses, I couldn’t drive away. One specific plant caught my eye again. God said, “See, it’s got your name on it.”

He knows how much I love His creation of roses.

So, I pushed aside my concerns and went back inside. “I need to buy a rose,” I told the clerk. “Do I bring it in, or just pay for it inside and then load it into the van?”

I paid for it inside and loaded it in, with my 15-year-old’s help.

Later, during a worshipful moment at church, God reminded me He’d directed me to wear the rose bracelet.

Little did I know when I awoke that morning, there were roses in the heart of God for me.

Now the plant is repotted and showing off several buds. Can’t wait for more blooms!

Thanks, Lord, for overcoming my concerns and blessing me despite my resistance. (What’s that about anyway??)

Father, make me capable of receiving blessings freely.

(BTW, the rose is a “Betty Boop” for everyone out there who will immediately picture the gorgeous blooms—yellow, red and then pale yellow and pink as it fades. It has a wonderfully yummy fragrance, too! And the picture at the top of this post is not a Betty Boop, just a lovely rose pic I found.)


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