Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wanted: Grace for Imperfect Painter

I worked my paintbrush over the curvy spindles of my daughter’s new bed, frustrated that no matter which direction I moved the brush, the paint didn’t lay smoothly on the wood. I tried up-and-down strokes. I tried working with the curves, and brushing side to side. I tried pressing excess paint from the brush into the tray. Nothing worked. I still saw raised stripes of paint. Frustrated, I silently berated myself.

Then, it hit me. I’m not painting this for the Pope. I’m painting it for my preschooler who is not going to notice a little splotch here or a drip there.

So, why am I so hard on myself? Great question. I don’t really know. But catching myself was the first step to changing those thought patterns, I’m sure of it.

It’s time to give myself more grace. How about you? Can you relate to this scenario? Do you ever hold yourself to an impossible standard (I’m not a professional painter, after all) and then berate yourself when you don’t (can’t) measure up?

Catch yourself. And then give yourself a healthy dose of grace. It’s all going to work out. Even if it’s (and you’re) not perfect.


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