Friday, August 21, 2009

Living with the Blessings

“Our bird needs a new toy. She’s chewed through all the other ones in her cage,” my teen insists.

So, I buy her a colorful toy with little ropes and pieces of wood hanging from it.

My daughter approaches the cage and our pet bird goes nuts! Squawking in fear. Didn’t stop my daughter from attaching the toy inside her cage.

I visited our bird last night. She still hasn’t grown used to the new “toy.”

What do you think is in the heart of God when, in His wisdom and generosity He wants to bless us so He introduces something new? There it is, this new gizmo (or season or calling or assignment), one that is meant to bless us—to bring us joy, even to stave off boredom with “life as usual” and there we go—squawking! Or maybe you don’t squawk.

I do.


But I’m working on this. I want to be adaptable and “blessable.” I want to respond with joy and trust whenever God introduces something new into my life.

Lena Nelson Dooley blogged about comfort zones on Seriously Write today. Perfect timing with this lesson in my own life. Have a peek.

And God bless you with grace and courage to embrace His blessings.

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Annette M. Irby said...

A little update---Periwinkle (our bird) was nudging the toy today and standing nearby while it rocked back toward her.