Friday, August 27, 2010

Why Wait?

The other night, I noticed my Bible on my nightstand. Earlier that week, I’d been doing a study on the strong right arm of God (which is Jesus). That night, I was thinking, “I can’t wait until tomorrow morning when I can have devotionals.” And it hit me, why wait? So I grabbed my Bible and flipped open to the Psalms. God met me there in beautiful phrases I’d never read in that translation.

I’m part of a prayer loop where requests are shared. As I read through them, sometimes I think to myself—I’ll have to remember to pray about that later. Then, one day it occurred to me: why wait? So I began praying through them as I went through my email inbox.

God has amazing things planned for His people. Heaven comes to mind. We’ll commune with God on a completely different level. And while there are aspects that are reserved for heaven, we can still have communion and fellowship with God now on a very deep level. Why wait?

And lastly, I’m reminded of a song I heard as a young child: “Plenty of Time.” Sometimes people put off thinking about God and the decision each person must make in regards to salvation and our eternal destiny. Heaven is real. Hell is real. God does not force Himself on anyone. You have to make a choice. Do you want forgiveness, a clean slate, peace and salvation so that you’ll go to heaven when you die? Or not. This is one of those “opt-in” opportunities. If you don’t, you’ll be condemned. If you’ve been waiting for “someday” to make the decision to follow Jesus, I have a question for you: why wait? Let today be the day you choose God, ask forgiveness, receive His Holy Spirit and become a new person.

There’s a way to have peace and freedom and joy and communion with God—choose Him.

Why wait?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rewards in the Garden

I pray as I garden.

I clipped away dead branches from my potted flowers today. Everything looks green again. While I worked on the hanging pot, around nose level, the aroma of petunias wafted my way, a reward in my labor.

I like being paid in fragrance as I garden.

Made me think of our work with God. There I am, following through on His directions to minister to someone or write a certain story or blog a devotional, and He blesses me with joy. There’s refreshing in the work.

I also took a moment to sit and pray in my garden, seek God’s guidance and aid in certain areas of my life. The warm breeze passed over me, soothing me. Another peaceful moment as I attended the garden.

As we pray and interact with God, we’re spiritually attending the gardens of our souls, working side by side with the Father who is the Master Gardener.

As we work with God in life, He will bless us with the fragrance of His goodness and the warmth of His love. There are blessings in the work.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Walking by Faith

How much do you enjoy walking by faith?

Stretches ya, doesn't it?

God asks you to take that leap and you survey the depths before you. Or, at least that's the temptation.

But He's just asking us to jump. Leave the rest to Him.

I get to practice that in the season ahead. He's been very clearly leading me to take some risks and walk by faith and not by sight.

Thing is, I can't see what's in front of me. I can only guess, and so often fears cloud the truth of what's out there.

Only God can see and since He’s directing my steps and He is loving, I can trust Him to see to my needs and the needs of those counting on me. He’s faithful.

Next time God asks you to take a leap of faith, remind yourself how faithful He is.

If we do not believe Him, yet He remains faithful;
He cannot deny Himself.
(2 Tim 2:13)

Don’t ya love that? He is a faithful God, no matter what. He can’t deny that part of His nature. He will take care of things for you.

Just follow.

Just leap!