Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rewards in the Garden

I pray as I garden.

I clipped away dead branches from my potted flowers today. Everything looks green again. While I worked on the hanging pot, around nose level, the aroma of petunias wafted my way, a reward in my labor.

I like being paid in fragrance as I garden.

Made me think of our work with God. There I am, following through on His directions to minister to someone or write a certain story or blog a devotional, and He blesses me with joy. There’s refreshing in the work.

I also took a moment to sit and pray in my garden, seek God’s guidance and aid in certain areas of my life. The warm breeze passed over me, soothing me. Another peaceful moment as I attended the garden.

As we pray and interact with God, we’re spiritually attending the gardens of our souls, working side by side with the Father who is the Master Gardener.

As we work with God in life, He will bless us with the fragrance of His goodness and the warmth of His love. There are blessings in the work.

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